Anonymous whispered,
help me , im in love with certain band member who has amazing blue eyes and blonde hair. sometimes i wish i had amnesia and forget i will never met him boo :( 5sos is just pure perfectionn

oh really?

Anonymous whispered,
Do you have the photo of the group of them will a fan? She was wearing a blue jumper and silver skirt? And they're doing peace signs and Callum and Luke are lying down? X


fashcreate27 whispered,
I love your blog


Anonymous whispered,
5soslove(.)tumblr(.)com/post/29258473605/and-a-wild-michael-appears-check-out-with is there a video for this anywhere?

They removed it i think

Anonymous whispered,
do you know where i can find the with confidence video with michael in it? thankyaaaaa x

They deleted it hah.


5 Seconds Of Summer in Madrid - 10/07/14 (credit)

that neck is just begging for hickeys loOk